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Working in a construction environment can be dangerous if you don’t understand the hazards that are around, or the procedures taken to ensure anyone on site is safe. The Health, safety and environment test is designed to ensure that you understand these hazards and can complete your work in a safe manor without putting yourself or anyone around you in any danger.

To get a CSCS card you first must pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test at an approved test centre. The test will vary depending on your trade and qualifications, but you can easily find out which card you need by looking on our card finder page. 
Once you know which test you need, you can book your test at any of the official test centre located across the UK. You can search through the centre’s on the find a centre page or use our suggested centre based on your postcode when you complete our simple booking form

Once you have passed the health, safety and environment test you will then be able to apply for your required CSCS card. You can apply directly to CSCS for your card once you have passed your test and instructions are normally supplied at the test centre. If not just contact us and we will take you through the next steps.

You will need to be qualified for your job role and may need to provide evidence of this when ordering your card.



Funding may be available; however you will need to speak to jobcentre plus or any employment advisor you may have to find out if this funding is available for you.

YES! You must present a valid in-date photo ID on the day of your test. Please click HERE to read the CITB ID policy and see a list of acceptable ID.

If you are unable to provide acceptable identification you will need to complete an identification waiver form. Please email info@ukconstructioncards.org to request this form.



Although you will need to be qualified in your respective trade, you do not need to complete a training course to apply for a CSCS card. You will just need to pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment exam and can do this by completing our simple booking form.

Don’t worry, our booking team checks your application as part of our services to ensure you have not missed out any required details and will contact you to should any errors or details need to be clarified. You can also contact us at info@ukconstuctioncards.org or use our contact page if you need to amend any details made during the booking process. However, although we take ever precuation to ensure your details are correct, we can only check for missing information or spelling errors and wont know if you have entered your phone number wrong or put a wrong house number down.

The Health, safety and environment test is designed to cover questions that are connected to the safety of your job role. If you have an understanding off the health and safety procedures of the environment you work in and your job role, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. However, we would always recommend you familiarise yourself with the types of questions you may be asked. Revision books are available from most major high street book stores or online retailers.

You can re-take your test if you fail but you will not be able to re-book until 24 hours after taking your test. If you have recently failed, you can rebook through our simple booking form.

If you selected test/retest then you just need to e-mail info@ukconstructioncards.org with your original booking number and availability and our booking team will rebook the test for you.

Our service allows you to reschedule you’re the date and time of your test if needed as long as you give us at least 3.5 days notice (84 hours) prior to your test start time. Simply e-mail us at info@ukconstructioncards.org with your full name, booking number and prefered new date or dates to request re-arranging your test.

On most occasions, you will receive instructions on how to order your card after you have passed from the test centre. However, if you did not receive this information all you have to do is call the CSCS card order line (once you have passed the test) on 0344 994 4777 and they will issue the card directly to you.

Depending on your job role they may require confirmation you are qualified to complete your job. If this is the case they may request you e-mail copies of your job-related qualification to them. In addition, you will need to pay CSCS £36 to issue you a card so have a payment method ready when you make the call.


As we offer a free rescheduling service and can re-arrange the date, time or location if needed, the need to completely cancel your test should be rare.(Please contact us by e-mailing info@ukconstructioncards.org to inform us if you need to reschedule.)

However, should you still wish to cancel this can be done as long as you do so at least 84 hours or 3.5 days prior to your test start time. You will then be refunded your payment less our none refundable administration fee. Please contact info@ukconstructioncards.org to request a cancelation. Unfortunately, any cancellation requests received with less than 84 hours or 3.5 days prior to your test cannot be cancelled or refunded. 

For full details please see our terms and conditions by clicking HERE

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3. Attend your exam

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