CPCS Renewal and the Health and Seafety Test

by UK Construction Cards

Posted on June 27, 2019

CPCS Renewal and the Health and Seafety Test


Obtaining and renewing your construction cards can sometimes be confusing, what card do I need? what test do I have to take? Our aim at UK Construction cards is to make the process a little easier to understand and make booking your required test a little simpler.

To renew your CPCS card you must have passed the CITB health and safety (or HS&E) test within the last 2 years this will need to be at the core (or operatives) level but if you have passed either the supervisors (SUP) or Managers and Professionals (MAP) test., these are also acceptable. If you haven't you will need to click on the link above and book your test before you can renew your card. The only exceptions are:

  • The Appointed person category, A61, requires the managers and professionals (MAP) test.
  • The Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor category, A62, requires the Supervisory (SUP) test.

Both of these tests can also be booked through UK Construction card by clicking on the link "To book your test now" at the top of the page.

Please note: UK Construction cards only act as a booking agent for the Health and safety exam. If you require other modules for your CPCS card these will need to be booked elsewhere.

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